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Client Testimonials

Here’s what our homeowners, investors, tenants and others we serve have to say about Real Property Management DC Metro.  And for the infrequent dissatisfied customer, we do our best to quickly make it right.

Homeowners and Property Investors

Real Property Management DC Metro have managed my property since August 2013.  The company has done an excellent job and professional job right from the start.  The staff have worked hard to provide a complete service for me, taking care of all the requisite steps: preparing the propety for rental, advising on compliance and legal requirments, making inspections, and carrying out repairs.  When I needed help with a repair issue, the repair team responded immediately, sending a contractor to the property to begin fixing the problem, notifying the tenants, and staying in close contact with me by email throughout.  The repairs team continue to monitor the issue, checking on the state of the problem to ensure it is fixed, liaising with a neighbor and working with the tenants.  The Real Property Management DC Metro staff have been efficient, courteous, and professional.  I am very greatful to them for looking after my property.
– Rsj Briggs, Illinois

RPM indicated they provide a detailed report with pictures after each inspection.  Has this been your experience?

Yes and they will provide a list of needed repairs and optional repairs and repairs covered by tenant.

– Jack Jones, Maryland

Have you used their centralized accounting system? if so, have they met their goal of maximizing your income and minimizing your expenses? Was the system easy to use?

I am happy with the accounting system, the end of year report is easy to use for doing taxes.  In terms of repairs, they will fix what you want them to fix and what is required by code, you can have them ask for your permission on every repair.  I don’t do this, I gave them the direction to take care of the place like I was living there.  But I am sure you could have them do less and only repair what is needed by code.  If they can, which I am sure they can, have them show you a web site account so you can see how the notification emails and online book keeping work/look like.

– Tamara V., Virginia

How has RPM handled conflict-resolution? Did you ever have to get involved? No I did not need to get involved they take care of everything.  I even had a building permit issue with the city from a bad contractor from before the property became a rental and RPM took care of everything at no extra management cost.  It included meeting with the city and submitting documents.

– Joselito G., California

RPM has been managing my rental property for 9 months now and we couldn’t be happier.  Everyone who we have worked with at RPM has great.  As first time ‘landlords’, the process was new to my wife and I.  We were a bit intimidated.  RPM was more than accommodating and always kept us abreast of the most salient aspects of the rental process.  We haven’t had a single issue with untimely payments, maintenance, etc.  The only reason I haven’t given them a ‘5-Star’ rating is because it took us a little longer than we would have liked to actually have a tenant in our home.  Other than that, everything has been great.  Highly recommend.

– John McLaughlin, SW DC

Have you used any of the RPM contractors and can you speak to the quality and efficiency of the work completed?

Real Poroperty Management takes care of all the work.  I base the quality of the work on if the property rents and if the repairs fix the problem.  I had water damage a couple years ago and RPM selected the finishes and it looked good.  There is a web site tenants go to to submit repair requests and you are sent emails when requests are made so you can immediately see what repairs are being asked for.

– Nancy D., Atlanta

Did you feel RPM aggressively marketed your units especially between tenants? and did you find that turnover was reduced under RPM’s management?

Yes, it is listed on different web sites and they are motivated to rent the place since they are only paid the monthly fee when rented and they get a finders fee.  I don’t live in DC so finding a tenant myself is not an option, but I think RPM waives the finders fee if you find a qualified tenant, but I think with their web site advertising and dedicated people to show the property they will probably find someone faster and make it worth the finders fee unless you already know someone.  If you do know someone be sure they qualify as a renter with RPM, the financial backing required by RPM is pretty high, I had a friend who I thought was pretty financially set and he did not qualify based on income. You also get emails when tenants submit notice to vacate and RPM lays out their plan with dates for inspecting the property, setting the new rent based on market analysis and input from you, and advertising.

Peter M, Ohio


I have reside at the above address since October and Have had a horrible experience with the previous management company and was very happy and relieved that the new owner was going to find another management company to maintain the property. Real Property Management Metro has taken over and have been very efficient and answered in a timely manner. I am very please thus far and excite that they are right in my neighborhood.

– Porsha P., NE DC

Experience so far has been great! The leasing team did a great job communicating with me, and The leasing agent did a good job showing me the apartment and telling me all that I needed! Thanks RPM!

– Julian Green., NW DC

What do you wish was different about your owner-management relationship with RPM? If you could have changed one thing, what would it have been?

That the book keeping system would automatically input into Turbo Tax:) but it only takes less than 30 minutes to take the data from the end of year report and put it into Turbo Tax and that is with 3 units.  I am happy with RPM, I use them at three other locations in the US, Salt Lake City Utah 2003, Hampton Virginia 2008, and San Antonio Texas 2015 and would use them for my other 3 properties if they had been in the area.  They are a nationwide property management company that uses a good marketing, book keeping, office operations model.  I want the property to be rented at max capacity, the property protected and the manager to take care of everything with little/no input from me  while still being kept updated on the status of the property and asked for input when needed and RPM provides that.

Sara B., Hawaii

Real Property Management’s leasing agents are very nice. They answered all my questions professionally and politely. I had so many questions regarding the property and they were very patient in listening to every word I said, and precisely answered all my inquiries. I was really impressed and I will surely recommend their services to all my friends!
– Paula W., Washington D.C.

I have been living in one of the many properties that RPM DC manages & can not ask for anything more! There were very minor concerns that I noticed (just due to the age of the building) & RPM DC had vendors/contractors dispatched out to the property within hours! I have family relocating to the DC/MD area that are looking for an affordable, nice, & comfortable environment to rent…guess who I will recommend them all too; RPM DC on 10th Street in NE DC!!! The staff is awesome, patient, & goes above & beyond to assist their tenant(s).

– Anne S., NW DC